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If you are ready to dive deeper, join Art Costello for more with his full course: Expectation Therapy

You will get deeper into:

  • What expectations are, Why high expectations are the roots of success, and How you can harness them.
  • Tips for identifying, clarifying and solidifying expectations and How to utilize expectations to create virtuous cycles
  • The role of expectations in life transitions, Tapping the power of expectations following divorce, and How expectations can help you cope with facing adversity and tragedy
  • Discovering and harnessing passion, How to cultivate emotional intelligence, and How you can tap into and unleash your own creativity
  • How to communicate expectations, The quantum basis of expectations, and How life’s plan unfolds through you.
  • You'll receive in-depth study along with helpful worksheets throughout the course to help you apply the things you learn.

Start your training now to master your expectations so you can  thrive in any situation and live a fulfilling life. 


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