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How Would It Feel To Have A Powerful New Way To Empower And Light The Fire In Your Clients!
  •  Unlock a brand new framework to coaching you’ve never seen before!
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  •  Feel the power of clients coming to you with enthusiasm!
  •  Supercharge your coaching career by transforming others lives!
From The Desk Of: Art Costello
Dear Friend,

I want you to visualize with me for a second. What would it feel like having your clients coming to you willing, openly, and with immense enthusiasm?  

Imagine this, you start impacting your clients so deeply that they spread the word of the immense value you have added to their lives, greater than any experience they have had before! 

And, can you imagine how fulfilling it would feel to add value to your own life as well as the lives of the people you serve?

What would it feel like to finally eliminate the stress and feel the added joy of knowing that it transfers to your clients. 

Talk about a powerful transformation! 

This is the opportunity that Expectation Therapy affords you…

More on that in just a second, but first let’s discuss how I got here.

My story starts as a 9-year-old little boy up rooted from all that I thought was safe, a secure to a place of uncertainty and abandonment. Feeling lost and scared to death I hiked up a mountain and would lay on my back and have a conversation with myself asking “God what would become of me, what my future would bring?” 

It was there that I learned to trust my inner self and that I didn’t have to trust others and the answers all lay within me. After many trips, up and down that mountain I began to trust in myself and I knew I could make sound decisions and judgements that would bring positive outcomes. 

I slowly but surely began to trust my inner voice and relied on it daily. Over time I have gained belief and strengths from those conversations and It has never failed me.

Throughout this period I formed the basis of what is now known as Expectation Therapy

While it has came a long way since those days it began evolving many years ago which became the foundation of the system it is today.

And now, I want to give it to you to so that you can have a massive impact on the lives of your clients, give them complete transformation all while breathing new life into your coaching business!

Expectation Therapy is a powerful new approach to coaching that allows individuals to reach their fullest potential!

Imagine having a whole new framework to thinking, one that will provide clarity and direction not only in your practice but spans every aspect of you and your clients lives.

expectation therapy for coaches
Inside this exciting new program you will have an entire framework for coaching your clients to amazing new levels! You will have everything you need to skyrocket a thriving career as a coach and supercharge your clients lives!

Here’s just a sample of the mind-blowing outcomes your clients will receive with Expectation Therapy:

  •    Boosted Creativity. Expectations drive our creativity and this will have your clients flowing with new found creativity!
  •  Creation of new thought patterns and goals. Creativity leads us out of the dull drums into a life of expectancy and fulfillment.
  •  How to discover their hidden strengths
  •  How to live a fulfilled life.
  •  Productivity Boost. When we live creative, confident lives we gain a zest for living, which in turn drive us to be more productive. This makes living life more fun and fascinating. Your clients will be more productive, getting more done and the fulfillment that comes from that.
  •  How to go from chaos to control!
  •  How to deal with negativity in their lives
  •  How to put a meaning to their life
  •  Gain The Ability to Steer the course of their future.
  •  A clear path to improved direction in daily life.
  •  Improved Human Interaction. Not getting along with your parents, friends, neighbors, teammates and most of all your loved ones? Expectation Therapy will teach you how to use your expectations in a positive way increasing your ability to communicate effectively. Imagine as your communication improves, so does all of your relationships in life. (Amazing)
  •  And a whole lot more!

This Incredible Program Provides You With Everything You Need To Transform Your Clients Lives At A High Level!
  •    You’ll be able to take this coaching curriculum and add it to your existing coaching curriculum.
  •  Does not matter if you’re new or advanced or already established!
  •  Is perfect if you feel stuck or limited in your current career or business and need a massive spark to ‘level-up’.
  •  Will give you the tools, the curriculum and a full-blown-system to take people through that is proven and gets results.
  •  Kick-start or scale-up your coaching, mentoring, speaking, training or consulting career quickly.
  •  This incredible program will give you the confidence and certainty to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt you are helping people transform their lives. You will know your price is worth every red cent and then some. You will have no doubts you can transform lives!
  •  Everything you need to transform other people’s lives!

In The Process Of Learning How To Transform Other People’s Lives, You’ll Transform Your Own Life!
The same principles that apply to your clients, apply to you as well. The same barriers holding them back, hold you back as well. The same breakthroughs they experience are the same breakthroughs you’ll experience!

The best way to master and learn anything is to teach it and do it!

This program is 100% valuable enough just from what you’ll learn, much less mastering expectation therapy for your clients.

What I’m saying here is you’ll ALSO transform your own life while learning how to transform your clients’ lives! How powerful is that?

It will serve you for a lifetime! This is a recipe or a license to teach a proven system to people from around the world and in any situation!

For example, you can:
  •  Coach in live classroom environments
  •  Coach in seminars or workshops of your own!
  •  Coach people 1on1 via Skype or phone
  •  Coach people via emails only! (no talking to people)
  •  Coach people in group coaching environments
  •  Coach people with videos
  •  Coach people with audios or reports or cheat-sheets
  •  Coach people in private groups (like Facebook or LinkedIn groups)

I’m Passing The Baton Over 
To You To Run With Now!
Here’s What You Get When You Enroll In This Program:
When you dive into this incredible program, you’ll get 24-hour access to:
  •   Hours of video and audio instruction on Expectation Therapy! You’ll learn how to transform other people’s lives through expectation therapy that is fun, fascinating and enjoyable to teach others!
  •  You’ll be able to take this coaching curriculum and add it to your existing coaching curriculum. If you already have an existing coaching business, you can take this curriculum and methods, and couple all my systems with your existing systems.
  •  You will have a massive impact on your clients by giving them a life-changing transformation. The impact you are making on your clients lives can explode your coaching business!
  •  You’ll discover how to have your own breakthroughs while transforming your own life! Usually, most of my clients here discover breakthroughs simply because now they are teaching these techniques. In other words, now that they are teaching others these methods . . . they are able to see all this in a new angle (a new light) than they did before, which produces massive success. There’s a big difference between learning something and learning something with the intention of teaching it! You’ll see. It’s a major breakthrough environment for you too, as the coach!
  •  You’ll level up your skill set and value you provide as a coach! Your value as a coach will significantly rise by having Expectation Therapy in your arsenal.

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